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Security today should be an integral part of any organisation. Crime Prevention, Business Continuity and Crisis Action Planning  should be firmly entrenched into good business practice which is vital for the protection of its people and property. Across the world there are daily reports  of terrorism, violence and criminal acts that can have a devastating effect on our lives.  After the terrible events of September 11 the threat of terrorism has never been greater throughout the world and although such incidents are impossible to fully protect against, robust security planning and a strong security culture are essential to help mitigate against such threats. Organisations have begun to  realise the steps required to protect their business by preparing security plans and implementing  security measures to protect their business. The basis of any security plan must be an in-depth analysis  and risk assessment of the threats facing an organisation, combined with a clear understanding of the  assets to be protected. The only thing worse than having no security is having your security in the wrong place. PROTECT Security Consultancy  can  formulate  strategies, assess  existing security measures,  set up security training and advise  on 'target hardening' requirements.

Based in Tasmania, with  security experience of over 28 years, PROTECT  Security Consultancy  can provide support and guidance for both business or individuals in a variety of disciplines. These areas can include, Security Management, Loss Prevention, Business Continuity, Security Design and  internal and external security issues such as theft, liaising with the relevant Police and Security Services. Over the years we have worked closely with architects and security companies, advising on security requirements and standards. We can also project manage any security installations if required.



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