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Terms & Conditions

 PROTECT Security Consultancy aim to operate to the highest ethical values and engender trust with our clients. In all professional and business relationships PROTECT Security Consultancy will at all times endeavour to  act with integrity and  abide by the following principles:

  • Honesty,  truthful and trustworthy
  • Fairness  treat people fairly and impartially, will not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly
  • Accountability answerable for decisions, actions and omissions
  • Openness open and transparent in actions and decisions 
  • Respect treat everyone with respect
  • Confidentiality - treat information with respect, and access or disclose it only in the proper course of  duties or business.

The terms and conditions which PROTECT Security Consultancy have outlined below are to help clarify the contract agreements with which we operate and ensure clients, in advance, can be confident  and fully informed of the  contract responsibilities of both parties .

1.  PROTECT Security Consultancy will treat all enquiries with the utmost confidentiality, working within all legal and lawful guidelines. Should any enquiry be beyond the capability or expertise of PROTECT Security Consultancy; no information will be passed to any other security associate or organisation without  explicit written permission from client Wherever possible, and within reason; PROTECT Security Consultancy will aim to clearly define the extent of the services to be provided, which will be agreed in writing by client before commencement date of any project. This will include agreement on the length of the project with allowances to be made by both parties for any unexpected delays caused by unforseen circumstances such as natural disasters or a change of critical / emergency status.

2.  The cost of the project quoted by PROTECT Security Consultancy to be agreed in writing by the client before commencement of any works. 

3.  Project works will require separate written agreement by both parties to extend or include additional services. Quoted terms will exclude ALL additional extras such as security equipment or services provided by the clients agents or third parties, additional travel and accommodation other than original quotation agreement.

4.  Project termination caveat:

a.      If the quality of service or methodology provided by PROTECT or modus operandi be unacceptable to the client. 
b.      If the project works required by the client are in breach of the Law,  contracted project becomes unethical or infringe the HRA 
c.      Agreed interim payments are not received as agreed.
d.      Third party contractor/s are employed without discussion or agreement by both parties; contract agreement can be terminated in writing by any or     both parties and financial settlement made for works carried out up to the date of contract termination.

5.  Payment for services by PROTECT Security Consultancy can be made by: Bank transfer, cash payment, Money Order or cheque as acceptable methods of payment.


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