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In Defence Lies Invincibility
In todays world, despite the saturated awareness via the media of threats to our security from terrorism, criminals, cyber attacks, there is a threat to organisations and individuals alike from psychological manipulation termed as Social Engineering  Social Engineering is a form of Criminal Fraud or theft by false pretense, with the intentional deception of the victim. This crime relies solely upon interacting with people and manipulating them to gain access to items or areas of security. While technological advances have made some kinds of fraud more difficult to commit, it has opened up all sorts of new opportunities for criminals. Even the very strongest security technology can be overcome by a clever 'social engineer' that literally can talk their way into people giving up secure information.This is not a new threat as these techniques have changed little throughout history and is the methodology used for many years in the world of espionage.
No matter what physical and technical security measures have been set up, the weakness always lies in the human element. Methodology used is to gain the confidence of a person, possibly over a period of time and getting them to reveal information such as personal banking details or network's security information. Criminals are relying on the natural helpfulness of people as well as targetting their weaknesses such as helpfulness, vanity, greed or pertaining to an authorative figure. Techniques being used,  such as a telephone call to the 'target' with some kind of urgent problem  such as a breach of security on their bank account or business firewall that requires immediate network access.

Work Place Security
Reception staff perform an important role as the frontline contact in the building, thereby potentially safeguarding the business, its employees and clients from criminals and other threats. Whilst incidents are rare, working alone can leave staff feeling vulnerable from: 

      Opportunistic crime such as theft and trespassing
      Information theft or destruction
      Violent crime such as assault or threatening behaviour

PROTECT Security Consultancy can assist with awareness training for you or your staff to help strengthen protocols within the workplace to help ensure you will not become the next victim.